How to get a fake id

Our blog receives numerous questions from underaged college students. We choose to write different content and to answer your questions based on the majority or percentage of the particular problem. For the past few months, we have been consistently receiving queries on “How to get a fake id” and the methodology to keep in mind before going for the purchase.

Our chief blogger for the fake ids fraternity suggests that there are some significant steps which you need to keep in mind and decide your options before going for your forged identity purchase. According to one fake id website;

Most kids ask us the fundamental question of how to go about buying their fake id, and about ninety percent do not even know what state will they be buying.

According to Tim, the chief editor and blogger for, The critical points which contribute to your successful fake id purchase are;

Fake Identification State:

So, you are about to get a phony identification card for your summer or late-night party, but you still do not know which state driver’s license or identification card will you buy? That should be your first concern, choosing a random state while selecting your license can be troublesome if you are not aware of the license specifications of that particular state. We know that you are spending your valuable funds on a piece of identification that can help you get into bars and stores, so help yourself and do not spend money on a meaningless purchase unless you know what you are getting. Some common points to keep in mind while selecting a fake id state;

  • ¬†Choose a state that is near you, and if the design or template is new which most States are now offering such as Connecticut, Colorado, California, Illinois, Washington then buy an ID card with the newly issued look. The reason is, most out or in-state bouncers are still not familiar with the new complex features that come with these cards.
  • ¬†You must be familiar with some of the security features that come on the ID. For Example, you can not purchase a Washington fake id card that comes without a Scannable 2D barcode on the back, so any Washington license was lacking this feature will get confiscated, hence make yourself familiar with some of these security features and make sure the vendor you are purchasing from offers this feature on their card.

Moreover, You can use our Best fake ID state Guide to help you choose a suitable state for yourself, So you have selected the state you will be purchasing, and the next thing is to choose your payment method. The absolute points while deciding your payment plan for the purchase should be as follow;

  • We advise you to stay away from payment methods that disclose your personal information or privacy; moreover, legitimate vendors will never accept payment methods like Paypal.
  • Go for a convenient payment processor, Vendors such as CHFake offers you to avail their ids with gift cards that are immediately available in convenient and grocery stores. It ensures that your payment information is not revealed or disclosed to the vendor and also gets you the required identification card promptly.
  • Use Cryptocurrency, the revolution of crypto has changed the way payment systems worked online. You can use or to easily obtain Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum to pay for your fake id purchase. It is one of the most widely used payment processors at the moment, and it ensures high privacy for buyers and sellers.

So once, you have answers to these two questions, you are ready to choose a fake id vendor and place your order with them. Some of our next articles will explain the buying process and license credential generating systems for further discussions and successful selling and buying.

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