Example of how to get a fake id with a required quality cardholder image.

How To Get A Fake ID

This guide will give you the steps in detail for how to get a fake ID that you want and use it for success.

From the required cardholder image and signature you must provide the ID maker to the right fake ID card for you.

When done correctly it all comes together into a fake ID that will fool door security and bouncers from the time you are underage until the day you turn twenty one.

How much is a fake ID

When you want to know how to get a fake ID the cost to buy one can tell you a lot about the the quality.

For 1 fake ID for purchase ranges from as low as $30 to over $100. When you think about it that is a huge discrepancy in price! How can one site offer the same state at such a low price while the other site costs so much more? The answer is quality.

Regardless of the price or what the websites shows for examples of their fake IDs it can all be a scam. The first giveaway of a fraud is the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

The newest Real ID issued style licenses many are printed on polycarbonate. When you factor in all the security features such as ultra violet and optical variable inks it is not cheap to produce.

Con artists desperate to get your money as for them it is all profit will pretend to sell at the lowest price on the market.

In all of my experience of how to get a fake id I have learned you pay for what you get. However, to be successful you must do your due diligence and is why I provided my list of where to get a fake ID.

Get the best fake ID using a great cardholder image

Taking your cardholder image you will supply to the ID maker for making your fake ID is paramount to pass security.

I have resold for numerous ID makers and their number one complaint is the customer cardholder image submitted to make the fake ID card. You must take this seriously as it will determine the overall quality of your card and getting the most use out of your new fake.

Take out your current ID card and look at it. What catches your eye first? Bet you said your cardholder image and that is the first thing a bouncer looks at to compare your face to the face on the card.

Some think fake ID makers preform magic which is wishful thinking. Using a cardholder image of you sitting on a couch with a smoke in your mouth and head tilted up is going to get that fake id snatched the first time you use it.

You do not even want to end up with the wrong skin tone or not standing straight looking into the camera from 6 feet away. This will cause any trained door security to take notice of the imperfections and lose your card.

We recommend this great fake ID picture tutorial for taking your cardholder image. Follow the tutorial to take a great image and it will make for a great fake ID that passes security checks. Also, yes there is an app for that! Take a cardholder picture like you were at the DMV with an app like this passport-photo-app.com.

How to get a fake ID with the right signature on it

Signature example for fake id.Most fake ID makers now use online signature creators which I recommend you use. Some ID makers give you the option to upload a signature as well, but using a signature creator is the best. Reason being is it requires no editing out of the background or recreating with a signature pad.

Additionally, using the online signature generator allows the maker to resize when needed in conjunction with their software the same as when acquiring a real issued identification. Do not worry, if your signature is not exact as when written on paper. Fact is it should not look too perfect, but genuine as it would created on a signature pad.

Which state fake ID is best for you

Example of a good fake id.
Courtesy of: fakeyourdrank.com

The choice you will need to make is deciding which state will work best for you? This step is important as you want the best success at passing security checks getting into bars or buying alcohol.

Most think get a fake from the state you currently reside in, but is that the best choice? To answer this let me tell you one fact. Even the best trained identification checker is in no way an expert in the details of all 50 states.

The doorman can consult with the widely used barbook, but having a current barbook myself I can tell you they are next to useless. For example only recently have they included a small image of what a state ultra violet design design looks like under blacklight.

There are several different publishers now of what is known as the “barbook”. I stand by my statement that they are all so very useless lacking many details for each state by just covering the basics. Like informing the reader the state license features a magnetic strip. Well, big whoopee thanks for that insight.

Making the case for an out of state fake id

For these reasons I am a big advocate of ordering an out of state fake ID. All the bouncer can do is scan the card and test it with a blacklight.

When using an instate fake, if they received any training, it is going to be for the instate ids, and they might know some of the more detailed security features. Then, it comes down to how good your fake ID is and will it pass the scrutiny.

Personally I think it is best to order an out of state fake license and by doing so never had an issue! However, it is crucial to know the area of the out of state fake ID. Be it you have resided there in the past or done your due diligence researching the area online. Why? Well, there are two scenarios albeit extreme I think it is best to be ready in the event one comes up.

First scenario, with technology today everyone has the world knowledge in their pocket. You give a bouncer your out of state fake ID and he does what he can by scanning it and it passes. The bouncer pulls out the barbook and your fake id has ultra violet, raised signature, or whatever few security details the barbook does a poor job at detailing.

What more can the bouncer do when he is not done playing gate keeper to the nightclub? Ask you what middle school did you go to? When not prepared you stutter and if lucky blurt out some school that is of course not valid. Bouncer googles it and you lose the fake ID.

Second scenario, it is just your luck the one to check your fake ID sees you both just happen to be from the same town! Now, either the bouncer likes you more letting you in or you happen to get the former unpopular kid in school with no social life. The one who spent his weekends shooting up the steroids and now has a permanent chip on his shoulder taking his little door gig way too seriously.

Imagine not knowing the area of the address on your fake ID now and the questions that could be asked. This is why preparation is vital for how to get a fake id.

To summarize how to get a fake id

Where to get a fake id by FakeIDgold Cheaply priced ids are a scammers trap. Look for sites with the going average of $100 and due your own due diligence on the fake ID maker.

Take your cardholder image seriously, so the ID maker can make you the best fake with an image the replicates one taken at the DMV.

Use the ID maker’s online signature maker for the most authentic look.

Follow these steps and your quest for how to get a fake ID will be set for success.