Quality good fake id we found online

Where To Get A Fake ID

Where to get a fake ID is online and not in some back alley.

In various major cities across America it is possible to buy a fake ID off the streets. Unfortunately they are of very low quality, not scannable and lack the basics like UV ink.

Moreover, it is not the safest environment for purchasing a fake ID and including the potential for other problems to arise regarding safety.

Rest assure we weeded out deceptive websites and verified each fake ID maker below. Making the list are genuine makers of fake id cards with a proven track record of longevity and top quality identifications.

Important tips for due diligence

Scams need images of fake IDs to trick you into thinking they are real, but since they do not make them.. they steal them. Try this tip by conducting a reverse google images search of the fake IDs you see on a id maker website. When you find them on another site you need to find out who is the thief.

We caught dozens of scam ID makers using this method. Fake id makers usually print their website URL in place of the cardholders name that appears on the license (sometimes the signature as well). This is to prove making and ownership of the displayed fake id cards.

However, it is just as common for a fraudulent website to steal those images. Next, they use basic Photoshop skills to edit the card with their website name to make you believe they are the creator of the fake ID driver’s license.

Underground-review.com has been a trusted source for over 18 years for independent and unbiased fake ID reviews. In addition they are the very first online fake id review website. I strongly encourage you to use them as another resource in conducting your due diligence before you decide on a fake identification website from which to purchase.

The best cards are manufactured in China

We have concluded from our research with absolute confidence all quality fake identity cards are produced in China. We learned this early on researching one material in particular called polycarbonate which is used in many items. Including most new Real ID Act compliant identifications. However, when it comes to polycarbonate sheets designed for identification card printers the material is regulated.

Polycarbonate is considered a secure substrate and its resale is often tracked, similar to high quality paper tracking in counterfeit currency cases. Source: gemalto.com

In the USA it is akin to trying to buy the paper currency is printed on and impossible. This is just one of many reasons we learned the quality sites are only in Asia where to say the least regulations barley exist, and if they do, are not enforced. Making China an ideal location to make the high tech cards now issued by US states.

Where to get a fake ID:


Fakeyourdrank.com fake id screenshot - Where to get a fake id

Fakeyourdrank has been in the ID making business for over 6 years. Started out by offering just 2 states and grew into one of the most trusted makers online for where to get a fake ID.

Speaking of trust they have at the time of writing this post boast nearly 3 thousand TrustPilot reviews.

Fakeyourdrank fake identity cards are scannable and include every security feature as found on a real drivers license real.

Proven and verifiable trackrecord of making top quality fake ids. One could not ask for anyting more.


Idgod.com fake id screenshot - Where to get a fake id

Idgod has been making fake IDs 3 times longer than any ID maker online. In fact for over 16 years!

Hands down is the most famous ID maker website online for where to get a fake ID. Due to this fact fake copycat websites that make nothing or very low quality have become a plague upon the real idgod (idgod.com) impeccable reputation.

Idgod uses polycarbonate card material cloning real issued. When looking for where to get a fake ID this is vital as it is so very easy to check if an ID is made of polycarbonate. Simply drop the license on its edge and it should make a distinct clink as a compact disk would.


bogusbraxtor.com fake id screenshot

Bogusbraxtor has been making a good selection of US fake IDs for years with the best customer service.

Bogusbraxtor’s card templates are all self-made. This is an important fact when it comes to quality of the finished fake id card. Many other card makers purchase templates and lack a real license in hand for comparison of the finished card.

The results are flawless fake ids and of course include encoded magnetic strips and/or barcodes. Furthermore every security feature is included such as microprint and tactile text know as more advanced features along with ghost windows.


idchief.com fake id screenshot - Where to get a fake id

Idchief is one of the oldest (over 10 years) ID makers online known for where to get a fake ID. The history of Idchief is one that needs to be set straight thanks to the media.

After opening idchief became an instant hit with the impeccable quality of their fake IDs. This caught the attention of the media which grabbed the attention of law enforcement.

Several Senators wrote a letter to the Chinese government requesting they look into Idchief. Wisely Idchief closed their website to new orders as a precaution.

Idchief after a 6 month hiatus opened back up and been a leader ever since for where to get a fake ID. Most notable that goes to the integrity of Idchief they could of easily justified not shipping pending orders when halting business due to the unprecedented scrutiny they were facing.

However, they made and shipped every pending order and is why you will not find one complaint online now or years ago when this took place that they do not deliver. This fact and the continued high quality IDs they make is why they made our list.


uk-id.com fake id screenshot - Where to get a fake id

UK-ID in business for over 11 years made our list for where to get a fake ID in the UK. Providing consistent quality that passes at any pup or night club security check in the UK. With a lower drinking age of 18 in the UK and EU the demand is less than say the US.

With the UK government becoming very strict in enforcing the legal age of drinking what once passed for acceptable identifications to verify your age are now limited. Years ago one could use fake “international student cards” or other weak forms of fake identity cards.

Today the uniformed standard is a DVLA issued identification and UK-ID has focused on perfection offering the UK adult or provisional license. The current style issued by the DVLA feature numerous security features including laser raised text and design patterns to just name a few. UK-ID has been on top with investing in the high end printers required to replicate the licences they make into flawless clones.

Final thoughts

Where to get a fake id by FakeIDgoldWhere to get a fake ID online is defiantly not anywhere near as easy as purchasing common items. Online is full of blatant to sophisticated frauds that makes it a must to do the very best due diligence one can conduct.

Fakeidgold spent several months researching to find absolute trusted quality ID makers with solid track records.

I hope you found this article a helpful guide and leads to you buying a quality fake ID that you use responsibly enjoying many great times out at the bars and nightclubs.

Welcome any feedback or questions by leaving a comment below and I will do my best to answer promptly when requested.