Various Fake ID Security Features


A fake id is generally defined as a false identification of a real person and used for legal or illegal purposes. These ids may include, fake driving licenses, fake college ids and many more. The false identifications are generally prevalent among the teenagers and youngsters under the age of 21 or 18. Fake ids are basically illegal in almost every country in this world, but owning fake id is not illegal. The use of such ids is under the desperation of the youngsters for illegal access to alcohol, getting an entry in an adult pub or bar, going for an 18+ movie. Although buying or owning a fake id is completely legal but what we do with it and how we use it can be illegal.

fake drivers license

From where we can get fake ids

We have many online sites that provide with highly advanced fake ids that are scan-able and can pass many security checks. We also have many tech-savvy people that have of fabricating an id. A short method to how to manufacture a fake id is mentioned below.

  • take an original id
  • Scan it in your computer and fix the required picture on it.
  • Edit the required text fields and print it.

Various Aspects of a fake ID

As fake ids are made worldwide by different people and there is an increase in the popularity of the fake id. There are many Online websites that make fake ids but most of them are fraud as they after receiving money from you will either send you nothing or will send you crap. So it will be better if we will start making fake ids of our own. Before making a fake id, its various aspects should be kept in mind to make undetectable fake id

  • Software:- there are many editing software available online for editing but one should use the best software that will edit the id to a high quality.
  • Printing Material:- As depending on the ID you are making you should select the right material to print on. For example, if the ID is the laminated id then photo paper will be the best. There are different printing material for different ids so one should select it as per the requirement
  • Lamination:- After the editing is done once you took the print out on any of the material it needs be laminated after that. As the type of the lamination varies depending upon the requirement and the material you are using.
  • Hologram:-Hologram is one of the main features of any id so in order to make a fake id we should take care in making a hologram that will be implemented on Ids. Depending upon the color of the hologram different paints and inks can be used.

One thing should be kept in mind that no matter how professionally we forge an id, there still are ways with which we can easily identify a fake id. Some methods include special equipment’s like the use of UV light or magnification, while some of them are detectable through the naked eye, touch or tilting a card. So, It’s better to get one from a trusted seller. These ids are used to have some “fun”, but can also land you in a bowl of soup.

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