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Fake ID Vendor Legitfakeid.com Review:

We received numerous email(s) & requests at different forums from people purchasing fake ids. Most of them are requesting us to review Legitfakeid as a vendor & how their IDs are. We have a list of Fake ID Websites as located on our ‘Best Fake ID Websites‘ page. This includes Legit as one of the trusted ID vendors available in the market as of now. But we had not individually tested Legit’s products practically. That means we had not ordered from them as of now, The points that we allocate to each of vendor in that list depends on the occasional reviews posted by customers on our blogs. However, after we received numerous requests at our blogs to realistically test their products we decided to order some of their states to make sure that our reviews have a more meaningful purpose.

Selection of States & Points Table Criteria for Features Review:

For a site that offers almost every state in the US, it was difficult to decide for us as to which states to review & order. We choose a few people from our blogs located outside US & inside to order some of their fake ids. While browsing legitfakeid.com we found most of their samples were good looking. It provided an insight into how seriously they are approaching the satisfaction of their customers. A site that places blurry or wrecked Samples for customers should not be trusted. Anyone can claim to have a fake id business, but to different is easy. Just have a look at the samples that are posted on their webpages, If the samples are not named after their website, for example, it should match the first name and last name of the website’s domain that means that they are able to print & make fake ids. but if that’s not the case, then you should ask them by an email for a sample proving that they make fake ids, if that’s also not possible then move on to a different site.

Features Criteria:

So in short, we decided the following states to order from legitfakeid.

  1. Illinois-NEW
  2. Ohio
  3. New York-NEW
  4. Rhode Island-NEW
  5. Pennslyvania-NEW

This cost us round about 300. They provided us a group discount which was good enough. We got a reply to our e-mail, which had a clear message that this discount was only fecilitated because we were going to review their product otherwise these Chinese ID Makers are very strict in terms of price. These are the points of criteria which we will review.

  • Support
  • Template
  • Pricing
  • Photoshop
  • Holograms
  • UV
  • Scanning
  • Stealth/Shipping Time
  • Duplicates

Support:(8 out of 10)

First we tried contacting them about how to proceed with our orders, procedure was normal & all instructions are given on their website in detailed how to buy fake id card from them. But, we wanted to test how their support responds to annoying ‘How to get a fake id?’ questions. We received a reply back in 3 hours. The support staff acted normal & polite but they could improve their English.

Templates: (8 out of 10)

The design of the new templates is not easy & We do know that most fake id cards that are being sold after the DMV started issuing newly designed templates are not up to the mark. Most are missing Micro Print and/or laser engraving features. But, these guys had some of the best replicated templates for their ids. We could hardly differentiate the Lincoln from the real ID to the fake ID. Color matching is just so good & you can feel the crisp feeling of a real ID while holding it.

Pricing: (7 out of 10)

It costs you 120 dollars to get a fake from them. Now is it worth it? 7 times out of 10 yes it is worth every penny. That is because if you purchase an ID that costs you 30 or 40 dollars, it wouldn’t match the quality of this one & you are most likely to order another one so why all the hasle? why not order an ID that stays in your wallet for a long time.

Photoshop: (9 out of 10)

We uploaded some photos which required some of the best Photoshop editing. They edited the background for most photos & aligned it to the template requirements for each ID. One thing that is important to note, is that most third class ID card makers will not edit your photo if it has any flaws they will blame you for that & the most important factor that contributes to passing an ID at your local bar or any other place is the photo of your ID Card. The moment a bouncer suspects that your photo on the ID has a flaw that the DMV will not accept, they will know that what you are carrying is not a real ID but a fake.

Holograms/UV: (8.5 out of 10)

There are some invisible holograms visible only under black light or UV. These can be found on the newly issued Illinois license or Pennsylvania. Both the IDs had the State Seals. UV on the back is great as well. The Back of the card is as important as the front & they craft some of the best looking IL we have ever seen. Perfect Overlays & holograms were visibly vibrant.


The bar codes were successfully scanned. We have our own system of scanning ID cards. We tested Pennslyvania & new Illinois just to make sure that these IDs are worth spending those bucks.

Here’s a preview of the back of IL we ordered:

      Here’s the front of the IL we ordered:

   & here’s the result of the scan.


So that makes a perfect Scannable fake ID.

Stealth/Shipping: (8.5 out of 10)

We ordered Five fake ids, we decided to go with Standard Shipping. They promise shipping you all your ids regardless of group or individual orders within a week or so. However, we received our ids within 10 days time. We wouldn’t brag about that because while considering fake id business you have to keep a lot of other aspects in mind, such as customs, printing delays (we are not the only ones ordering), correction(s) to the mistakes you make while submitting order forms. What amazed us was the stealth & disguise of their envelopes. Yes, the IDs were packed within rolex watch boxes. How the hell do they do that? that’s not possible unless you have loads of boxes which resembles rolex boxes. But here’s a preview of that.


Duplicates: (9 out of 10)

Each of our ID came with an equal quality duplicate. This was a classic example of how seriously they approach customer to vendor relation. We personally liked this service for long term. If you are looking to get wasted with your friends at bars or parties this is one of that much researched website which will get you a perfect fake ID.


These are some of the images taken off our fake id cards ordered from them:

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