How to take a photo for your Fake ID

As a teen, you want to get the best novelty identification possible to unravel the perks of late night parties and liquor. We came across a series of disputes and complaints from underage kids against fake id vendors. Some will complain about how the bouncer arrogantly seized their phony id while others have no clue about what went wrong. The one thing that is common among these kids is the frustration of almost getting themselves into unwanted trouble. In most states, possession of a fake license can carry charges and hefty fines. To avoid, the best you can do is.

  • Never purchase an ID which is cheaper than 50 bucks, The reason being no id seller can create a realistic novelty within that amount and cover their expenses.
  • Go for the state that is close to where you reside, and use your real information for your fake license so you can back it up with your actual social security card or a debit/credit card.
  • The most important factor that contributes to whether you will be able to enter the bar or clubhouse is that how well your photo is. It is the most common mistake kids make while ordering an id.

A vendor which currently ranks as the top-rated website for making impeccable fake id, declares common photo-taking mistakes  as the number one cause for failing to pass into bars.

It’s not your vendor’s fault, but your’s if you send them an awkward photo.

As fake id critics, we acclaim appraisal for bringing out flaws in something that requires tremendous human effort. The perfection of a cloning process of identification cards depends solely on how well the template, security features, and other aspects replicates. But the most critical factor is that of your photo. Afterall, it’s your photo that is the bouncer or an ID checking person will inspect as an element before going through any other details.

The vendors UK-ID and CHFake describe this problem as

Most kids will email us complaining about how poorly their id is upon entering any drinking pub, but upon checking we find that their photos are not how we advised them to take

They elaborate further that they do not require a particular background for their photos because each of these vendors has a photoshop team equipped with professional skills to crop your body out of your picture and to parse it into a template for a license. The only requirement is that you follow some simple instructions.

  • The image should be evenly lit and in color.
  • Look straight up to the camera do not move your head to the right or left.
  • Use clean clothes or dress to look normal.
  • We advise you not to use a selfie photo for an ID.
  • Use a phone or a camera and make sure you keep a distance of minimum 1.25 meters.
  • If you are a female make sure your hair is even and visible
  • Do not laugh like an idiot while looking at the camera, act casual a pleasant smile wouldn’t kill.
  • Avoid taking photos in the sun or places where you will have shadows visible in the photo.
  • Use any background upon checking with most vendors they do not care about it.


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