How smart the bouncers in club are and to outsmart them


As most of the people use fake ids to get the access for the different things whether it is to visit a bar or a restaurant for having drinks, to visit a movie cinema to view an adult movie or to drive vehicles being underage. Fake ids give them an access to go through. Most of the fake ids are used by the teenagers those who are underage and do not have a legal access on most of the things like visiting a bar or restaurants for having drinks or to visit a nightclub for parties. With the fake ids, they dodge the legal authorities and get easily through it. But getting the icing on the cake is not always easy as most of them get caught. People those who do not make id with being clever got caught by the bouncers in the club or a bar. 

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Who is a Bouncer?

Bouncer is a type of security guard employed at the venues like bars, nightclubs, and concerts. Their duties are to provide the security, to check the legal age, to refuse the entry of the intoxicated persons and also to deal with the aggressive behavior with statutory or establishment rules.

How smart Bouncers in clubs are.

A bouncer should not only have physical qualities such as the strength and the size but should also have some other qualities also. They should have the ability to judge and to communicate well with the people which will reduce the need for the physical intervention. Bouncers are also smart enough as they need to take many decisions themselves only in order to control different situations. As they should have enough patience in order to not getting provoked by the people for a fight or should be honest and loyal enough as many people try to bribe them in order to get the illegal access in a club. Bouncers are smart enough as they caught people easily with the fake ids even if your fake id looks so real they judge it by other parameters. So one trying to fool a bouncer at a club should be clever enough to fool a bouncer at a club.

How we can stay safe when using fake ids.

If you really want an illegal access and wants to go through a club without getting caught by a bouncer you should be clever enough as most of the bouncers are very that they will catch you easily 

  • Use a clear fake id that does not have so much of difference as compared to that of the original ids.
  • Be confident enough if you are using a fake id. A bouncer will easily catch you with your face expressions and body language. If you will be nervous they will get in and will throw you out
  • Never carry a photocopy of the fake id as photocopy will increase your risk of getting caught

So these are the ways in which bouncers can be dodge but the best thing is to go for a legal access and have original id as if you get caught with the fake id you will open the doors of trouble for yourself.

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