Vendor Name:
State: Randomly Chosen (New Pennslyvania)
Card Type: Driver’s License
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

We will be reviewing this vendor today with some basic focuses. One of our group members Steven decided to order a fake id from ‘GreatFakeID’ otherwise known as GFI. Investigating the historical backdrop of this vendor, we found that it has been around for more than 4 years which makes it more prestige than the alternate vendors we had in mind. The new Pennsylvania Identification & Driving Licenses template were propelled in the mid of 2017. There are a couple of ID Sellers printing the new design and we attempted two other websites before experimenting with this one.

The other Two ID vendors that we tried for the same card were IDGOD and IDBook yet the two cards were of extremely poor quality. The first vendor had a card which completely lacked UV features and the second company sends us a card which had no holograms or ghost image replications on the front, resulting in a first-look seizure in a local bar.

We ordered from ‘GreatFakeID’ afterward and received the ID card in a few days. Amid the order process, we asked them whether their cards had features of ghost image that looks like a copy of the real photo on the front and has a fluffy feeling. They ensured a full refund in case any of the real micro or security specifications were missing on their cards.

Steven Placed his order on May 3rd, 2018 and received his fake on May 8th, 2018. We review this Drivers license as one of the best new fake Pennsylvania cards available online.

Template: Every feature is complete & precise. We had a slight problem about the darkness of some text on the back but that is a minor problem and nobody will notice that. The raised texting is copied and enhanced according to the requirement.
UV: Currently one of the best UV Ink material is used by these guys and that is not just for this state but we do hear good things about some of their other states.
Holograms: As you can notice even in the photos below, that the holograms on the front of the photo are clearly visible. As a bouncer, you will not have a second look at an ID having that kind of legitimate seals.
Shipping: Ordered with Express shipping but received in 4.5 days, We are very critical when reviewing shipping time because vendors make you pay extra and they need to provide you the service that they charge you additionally for. They promise to complete their shipping period for express orders which is 3 to 4 days, ours was delayed by a day but that is forgivable.

Overall: Scanning this ID will result in 99% success rate. The barcode on the back is scannable and provides authentic feeling to your card. We tested it in state and it clears any scanner currently, however, we have not tested this out of state we will update later on that.


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