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This review has been published on behalf of a group. Not long ago, we tried purchasing authentic fake ids of the state of California from a few fake id vendors. My friend told me about a reddit channel named /r/fakeid and we registered there but there was a huge surprise for all of us. The pricing for these ID cards on their websites were very cheap. For example, You could easily obtain a fake identification or drivers license card for a mere price of 30 to 40 US dollars. Now, compare that to the pricing of regular ID vendors such as or, their pricing almost double to that of the vendors that we used before.

Pricing was never an issue for us, we only value the quality of the fake licenses that we want to acquire. Any licenses that you obtain for a price of 40 to 50 bucks is garbage and will most likely be seized in your first use.

So, we placed an order for a total group of 12 friends with the vendor The state for all these was California but they will give you the same group discount even if you ordered different states in a group order. You just have to make sure that all your ids are being shipped to one and the same address, Otherwise, they will not offer you the group discount. Here’s the much awaited review:

Template: This is the best of the replicated templates for California in the market. It ensures each aspect of the features is allocated. From UV to the invisible Security features under normal light it takes each specified flaw seriously and that is why makes it a top notch product. Template is the most important factor when crafting fake id cards and without a perfect template you can experience unwanted trouble in the gates of a bar.

UV: The DOB and image of the person is included in UltraViolet. It’s important to note that theย  California Drivers license has three images on the front. The ghost images are only visible under UltraViolet light.

Laser Perforation: This is a very difficult Security feature. We were not expecting it to be so accurate. However, it was up to the task. The bear on the back of this license just like a real card can be seen from the front when you flash a light on it.

Scanning: The bar codes on the back are 2D and it comes with a magnetic stripe. You can simply test them by swiping in any reader and they will pass the test.

Signature: This is a very challenging part of the ID making. But this Fake ID maker has precisely replicated this feature by engraving the raised letters of the signature and it can be felt by touching it with your finger tips.

DOB: This is a tactile Date of birth.

Overall: This is a great piece of ID card. The vendor supplied it in a week we used standard shipping but they do allow you to pay 75 extra bucks for an express delivery the time frame they provided for standard shipping is 7-10 days, but ours arrived within a week which is very fast as compared to the speed of the other vendors. They also provided us with 24 ID cards instead of 12, they provide free duplicates with each ID and that is of the same quality.


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California Fake ID
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by Karen on California Fake ID
Outdated but works

It is an outdated version but scans with the barcode on the back ! my friends had a birthday bash last week and we used these to enjoy all night out ! really Recommended for you


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