Category: Fake IDs review

Fake ID Vendor Review: We received numerous email(s) & requests at different forums from people purchasing fake ids. Most of them are requesting us to review Legitfakeid as a vendor & how their IDs are. We have a list of Fake ID Websites as located on our ‘Best Fake ID Websites‘ page. This includes

Various Fake ID Security Features

Introduction A fake id is generally defined as a false identification of a real person and used for legal or illegal purposes. These ids may include, fake driving licenses, fake college ids and many more. The false identifications are generally prevalent among the teenagers and youngsters under the age of 21 or 18. Fake ids

How Fake drivers license templates are made

Introduction Fake Drivers License is the most common thing among teenagers these days most of the people make fake driving license for several reasons Reasons for owning a fake identification As in most of the countries, it is not allowed to visit the bars and restaurants for drinking under the age of 18 and with

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