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How to get a fake id

Our blog receives numerous questions from underaged college students. We choose to write different content and to answer your questions based on the majority or percentage of the particular problem. For the past few months, we have been consistently receiving queries on “How to get a fake id” and the methodology to keep in mind

The IDGOD of the fake identification world

As we know, there are many undiscovered personalities behind some top-notch businesses and discoveries around the globe. Be it the discovery of Bitcoin whose Blockchain inventor nicknamed “Satoshi Nakamoto” has not been discovered to the date and claimed by many. We cover forged identification market daily for the past few years and have come across

How to take a photo for your Fake ID

As a teen, you want to get the best novelty identification possible to unravel the perks of late night parties and liquor. We came across a series of disputes and complaints from underage kids against fake id vendors. Some will complain about how the bouncer arrogantly seized their phony id while others have no clue

How smart the bouncers in club are and to outsmart them

Introduction  As most of the people use fake ids to get the access for the different things whether it is to visit a bar or a restaurant for having drinks, to visit a movie cinema to view an adult movie or to drive vehicles being underage. Fake ids give them an access to go through.

Where can we use Fake Ids

What is a Fake ID A fake id or a false id is any form of the identification that is being altered, forged otherwise purports to establish the false identity of any person. Fake ids are used worldwide by many people to have an illegal access without revealing their original identity. Where can we use

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