Best State for Fake ID

American underage kids have a good liking for binge drinks. Thus, being underage makes it challenging to consume them. To overcome this obstacle, Almost 40 to 50 percent people under the age of 18 will use a fake identification card or drivers license to drink liquor. We know how frustrating it is, to not be able to get drunk because of the age restriction. That is why Purchasing phony or fake licenses have a vast market capacity in the United States.

Which state is the best for a fake id card?
It is the most critical question kids ask when purchasing fake licenses. There are ID makers in the market offering almost every state out of the 42 that is available openly. Some phony id websites will recommend you to buy a license of the state of California while the others will advise states like Florida, Texas, Connecticut, or Colorado. However, most of these ID creators are not even aware themselves of the passing rates around the States for the licenses that they make themselves. In 2005, the Congress passed an act that required almost every state in America to improve the design and security features of their identification cards.

Most under aged teens in colleges or schools want to get wasted and have fun with girls in nightclubs or pubs. If you are below 18 and want to have the pleasure of something that is new to you, Then, there is nothing wrong in that, After all, you are only opting for some never before seen experience of your life. However, it is vital to understand, that getting a fake that does not look real can get you a right amount of fine and may get you into prison.

After the real id act, most states have improved the design and templates for their licenses. Some of these features include removing the magnetic strip from the back of the cards, Example, Pennsylvania Drivers licenses does not come with a magnetic strip anymore. Florida id cards now come with three ghost images on the front and one of the back as well. Some will be visible under ultraviolet light while the others are visible when the card is at a particular position. It is making life difficult for teens craving to buy liquor. Hence, we will review some of the best fake id states that you can opt to purchase and has a decent scanning and passing rate. It means if you use one of these the chances or risks you are carrying to get caught will be minimal.

1. Georgia
This false identification card is the easiest to replicate. The hologram of the state seal and the state name ‘Georgia’ written in UV INK is a feature which is not difficult to duplicate. The grey ghost image on the front comes along with the colored one and load with a 1D and 2D barcode. Georgia has a high passing rate out of state and is the most straightforward identification card to carry. It tops the list for best fake id state.

2. Indiana
The operator’s license of this state is one of the most frequently ordered ids with fake id vendors. Reason for this is that it scans on even the most advanced reader or scanning devices installed in bars. According to one phony id website, 55% of their orders are for this state. Most ID makers will provide this license with a validity duration of 5 to 6 years. Security features such as UV INK for license holder and DOB are some of the most accessible features replicated in this card.

3. Florida
In late 2017, This particular state started issuing the new DMV designed drivers licenses and identification cards. The first few months passed by, and no vendor was able to replicate the most complex printing features of this card. They introduced some new type of ghost images on the front visible under UV only. However, now after a gap of few months, several ID makers are creating this template, and the reports are not dissatisfying at all.

4. Texas
This specific license has not been changed yet by the DMV, but they plan to do so sooner. For now, this card can be your good friend. That’s right! It is one piece of an identification card which is used vastly by teens to purchase drinks and get into clubs. It has an excellent passing rate of in-state but even better percentage out of state. The feedback that id makers get by reviewing Texas fakes is remarkable; hence we suggest you not to shy away from purchasing this license.

There are some other states which come after these such as Ohio, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Tennessee. It is also vital to understand that using your fake id also requires experience and good common sense. If you were to buy a counterfeit driving license with a bogus name, address and other details such as a signature or Date of birth; then you are most likely to be unanswerable if the bouncer asked for further identification. That’s why we suggest using your personal information while purchasing any ID that is fake. In that case, you can back up your bogus card with your debit or credit card, and that will make it easy for you to prove that you are not under aged.

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