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California’s Fake Identification cards and Drivers license

Before the new DMV licenses were issued, Californian fake id cards carried a mere 50 to 60% pass results in-state whereas carried less than that percentage out of state. The outdated template was easy to replicate because the security features had long been mastered by phony ID Makers. The research statistics allows you to analyze some important aspects. The most important of which is that these licenses are not only used for underage drinking, however, we do know that majority of these ids are used for it, but there are some other illegal uses of these cards. To curb that, DMV decided to change the templates and issue licenses with more complex security features. These features can not be copied, as the techniques required for these are very sophisticated. For example, a feature in the current California ID that has the bear which is visible after a flashlight is held against the back of the ID. This feature will not be replicated by most of the ID sellers, and any bouncer with somewhat experience of a California drivers license will easily spot this.

Important Dates: Oct 2010 – California changed its outdated template for issuing driver’s licenses. This card has more complex features than the previous ones. A key fact is that this template was last modified in the year 2001 and changed after a gap of almost 10 years.

Jan 2018 – The template was redesigned and DMV once again introduced a more secure driver’s license as well as a real identification card for the state of California. Unleashed with some extremely advanced security features such as three ghost images, on the front one of which is only visible under ultraviolet light, these licenses will be very hard to fake.

Current Fake ID Design in circulation: The newly introduced design by the DMV in the start of 2018 has not been launched by any fake id vendor as of yet, but in near future, this may be on the cards. However, most ID vendors are currently printing this state’s 2010-2017 design for customers.

Best Fake ID Maker for the state of California: Currently, there are ten to twenty vendors producing fakes for this state but it is important to mention here that these sellers are not satisfying their customers completely. As part of our Blog, we collect valid value able stats, these statistics show that 80 percent of these customers get their cards seized for counterfeit documentation.

“Any Fake ID Maker claiming to have a perfect replica of California’s state should be checked upon a list of Security Features on the ranking table. Failing to pass any of these points should clearly mean that your licenses will be taken away at any bar or club”

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