review scam Scamming College kids out of their hard-earned money.

After receiving numerous complaints from customers regarding this fake id website, we persuaded a group of three members to actually reveal to our audience what the reality of this particular website is. Since our work is nonprofit, only one member decided to give it a go. Doing the required research, we found some reviews that forces you to think that this is a normal ID selling Vendor with a few states to offer and an average rating. But that’s not it, the reality extends far from there.

Fraudulent Setup and Fake Reviews to boost ratings with Multiple Websites:

As a normal fake id buyer, you opt to do an extensive search about your vendor before placing your order with them. Do you contact them about the best fake licenses they make, their best products? Ask them questions about how their id can pass a bouncer and trick bartenders… Well most customers do but some may differ; However, Tom from our team did the same and sent them a few E-mails with his obvious questions about Barcodes and Magnetic strip on one of their id cards, the support team replied promptly and faster.

The same Vendor Owns another review website with Fake Reviews:

So, after getting satisfied with their support Staff, Tom went on to read some feedback about the vendor “ALREADY21.COM” and as he mentions he reads reviews on websites to name a few and a few others such as but the problem is Tom does not see that these both review sites are owned by the same person.

You fall for these fake id websites with reviews, but in reality these positive feedbacks are not legitimate and mostly promoted by the id vendors themselves.

As an investigate and phony ID critic group we persuaded Tom to place his order for a swift Washington state license that the vendor “A21” Allegedly makes. After following a smooth order process, getting a ticket number and order cart invoice, Tom was confident he will get his license and will prove the customers complaining about it wrong, but after a gap of two weeks, we have not received any fake id card from them. The website stole 100 Dollars from our team member and also stopped responding after the payment was made, we did send them a few E-mails before publishing this review but it seems most of these fraudulent Businesses do not care about that and hardly read follow-up messages once they get your funds.

If you check the whois data for the domains Fidreviews or Eyefakeid which promote websites such as “ALREADY21” you will see that they are actually owned under the same identity and hence revealing the true nature of this website. We advise any customer to not even go near these two sites otherwise, you will lose your hard-earned funds and will never get a fake id. Also if you search the keyword “Already21 Review” you will see a list of reddit reviews, but beware, The vendor uses a reddit Moderator account and hires people to write posts giving him positive reviews, read only real feedback and stick to verified blogs such as FakeIDGold and some others mentioned below:


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